Our talented and multi-skilled team can get you from A to B and beyond. 

custom software 

Many businesses are so specialised and unique that off-the-shelf software products cannot support their requirements. We can create a solution for your business that is as unique as you are. We have  a strong history in developing custom-built software applications and pride ourselves on our strong communication skills, allowing us to fully understand the needs of a client and to develop software that provides the correct solution for you. Our skills and knowledge cover all phases of application development, from analysis and design/modelling, through to building and implementation.

"Our experiences with Computer Frameworks over the last 2 years have been very positive, we found their consultants to be pro-active in making recommendations, forthright, honest and committed to meeting agreed service standards and deadlines.   – J. Kossakowski – Andrology Services Manager", SIVF -Sydney Andrology


Computer Frameworks is renowned for its knowledge and experience in enterprise architecture and solution architecture. Our clients request our architectural services based on our individuality, our highly experienced architects and our integrated team of professionals. We guarantee independent technology decisions as we are not aligned with any particular software company.

We understand what it takes to run a business and the challenges that can be faced aligning the business strategy with the IT strategy, whilst maintaining customer service levels during times of change. Our architecture solutions provide your business with the tools to manage your core business activities in an effective and non-disruptive manner through the change. Our aim is to help you achieve your vision, maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and effectively share customer and company data across multiple systems in multiple locations.

"Your dedication and determination to succeed was, without question, the difference between success and failure of the merger. Overall a fantastic performance.   - Commonwealth Bank merger with Colonial State"
"Computer Frameworks showed good ability to understand the bank's operational needs and budget demands in creating solution architecture, and met and exceeded the bank’s expectations which was greatly appreciated by all the stakeholders- O. Ozguner – Business Solutions Manager", Commonwealth Bank