How we develop custom software


We have developed custom software solutions for a number of industries since 2002, the first application was completed for the Commonwealth Bank in that year. We also develop and market our own software products as Health Solutions for the medical industry.  


Our skills are based on the Microsoft technology platform, we do this because we know this space very well and keep up to date with technology improvements and technology disruptors.


We have built a lot of software under fixed price arrangements, we have learnt to be effective in building quality software, on time and within budget. The SCRUM methodology, no matter what size the project, has helped us achieve this.


Being an agile team, we believe we take the right steps to remain flexible and responsive through every step of development with every project and customer. We maintain regular contact with the customer during all steps, starting with understanding the problem, gathering and developing requirements/story boards, wireframes, user experience, multiple product releases and responsive releases during test cycles. However, we only release software into production as and when agreed by the customer though!


Our Work Site

We are located in Kent Street, which is close to amenities, so we have access to stuff for breakouts and support. In the office  we sit close to each other and work/communicate at all times. We regularly meet and run stand up meetings to discuss details of a project. We have seven people in the team with varying experience levels and skills.


Actual development of an application

While we favour Scrum as our framework for managing Agile processes, we are flexible and experienced enough to know if and when we need to recommend something to the customer to fast track a development. We always start with a work brief, story boards and work breakdown. We need to understand the problem, so we will not go too far until we are satisfied that you the customer and we as the developers have got the right solution in mind.


Key elements used

-        Prescribe roles

o   Product Owner (customer)

o   Team

o   Scrum Master

-        Sprints, Time-boxed iterations

o   We keep these to between 1-4 weeks

-        Daily stand-up meetings

-        Scrum board to keep track of each iteration

-        Burndown charts/weekly Progress Status Reports, measurable progress report showing actual completion against time and cost.

-        High and constant contact with the Product Owner!

-        Iterative releases of story boards, wireframes, user interfaces and applications

-        Agreed implementation approach with the customer

-        Projects never longer than twelve months, if required then we do multiple releases/phases  


Small projects may use less elements, depending on the complexity. All projects require clear problem definition/description. All projects are documented using standard templates.


We use SCRUM for all our projects.


We have a list of satisfied customers who are available to provide feedback on our projects when required.